EDGE Review: Sfiodsh

Edge. An indie title that came out in August of this year. The game is a very quirky game thanks to the great pieces of music, its art style, and the gameplay.


The biggest thing that makes the game unique is its gameplay. The player controls a cube that can go in 4 directions from 1 spot. Pretty simple ,right? Now add in the fact that the view is isometric and that the cube is very good at obeying physics. What do you have now, a very fun, but challenging game. I had many instances where I pressed a button to make the cube go one way, but because I pressed the button once too many times the cube kept going that way and died. The game also has a few fun things that it does with its locked camera. Using the mini map is a great way to find the games collectables (prisms). But because Edge has a locked camera, you can’t always see these prisms, so by using the mini map to guide you there are various ways to find and get prisms. All of the levels are fun and exciting in their own way.


Edge has a small, but enjoyable selection of music that is sounds like it is a perfect match for Edge. There is a very retro feel to the music even though there are no bleeps or bloops. The levels even feel like they have matching music. The darker levels have a bit more of a dark tune to them, while light levels have a more cheerful tune (this one is totally my opinion, I doubt anyone else feels this way).


Edge is an awesome game with a great follow through on its concept. The levels are very polished and the music is outstanding. Even though there are only 48 levels, the game will bring you back to play levels again and again. There is also one piece of DLC already out for the game, giving a few more level to play with and the game is on the iPhone app store.

SCORE: 9/10

Gameplay 8.5/10

Audio 10/10



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