About The Pyrotek

Hi, I’m The Pyrotek. as you can probably guess I love video games, I play on almost any console, from the 360 to even a NES. I’ve been playing from before I could read, which was very hard. I enjoy playing FPS and RPGs the most on any system, although retro RPGs are my favorite. Liltle Pook is my twin brother and so we have played a lot of the same games, although we have different tastes. I own a lot of systems, xbox 360, an ok (edited by sfiodsh on his way better PC) PC, N64 (one of my all time favorites) Wii (don’t even know why), NES (love retro) SNES, Playstation, and almost every handheld, so if you want me to review a game just say and I probably have that system. Some of my all time favorite games are Fallout 3, Final Fantasy, Paper Mario, Super Mario Bros. 3, Rayman 2, Halo 3 and Halo Reach and Star Fox 64. I also love online MMOs and anything that you can play co-op. so that’s me, see you around.


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