IGF Pirate Kart Review

           IGF Pirate Kart is a collection of over 100 games that were in the Independent Games Festival (IGF). This collection of games was too overwhelming and the max amount of games that I could get to play was 67. These are small, but fun games. Some are sprite based, some are text-based, and some are even web-based. I know there are a ton of games and I can’t go over them all, so here is a good enough overview of this collection of games.


           Pirate Kart, as I stated before, has a large amount of games and a varied range of genre. Many of the games are well made, not polished (they’re independent devs, so I would not really take this to any conclusion), yet there are enough well made games to keep you playing. One of the best parts of the collection is that there is a “Play a Random Game” button. This will take you to one of any of the many games in the collection. Though not all the games are as many people might want, I found this trove of games to be a very satisfying.


           FREE. Just don’t download it from the guy, use bittorrent. He already has made a big amount of debt, because of the idiots that used his bandwith.


           Yeah, I know this was a short review, but I had a lot of trouble finding what to review. I’m going to be quick and tell you guys the score.

Score: 8.5/10

Games: 7/10

Price: 9001/10



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