A Minecraft review I made about 8 months ago on my Original Blog

Minecraft Pirate Ship
Image by JimmyJett via Flickr

One of the more awesome creations




If you have not heard about Minecraft read this now! Minecraft is a sandbox game created by Markkus ”Notch” Persson, the founder of Mojang. This game is an isometric game that is meant for people to screw around on. This is my favorite game for PC this year and at the price of $20 Minecraft gives you an infinite sandbox game at a great price. You must know that many bugs are to be encountered, this is because the game is not even done, at this moment Minecraft is in Beta 1.3_01 so no promises that the game will be perfect.


You should know if you don’t research Minecraft at all you will be stuck with no idea how to do things.This is because Minecraft has not tutorial, but watching the video I linked at the bottom will fix all of that. Now the controls on the game are really easy to understand, it’s almost exactly like a shooter. WASD is to move, the mouse places and destroys blocks, and space is to jump. There is no objective, unless you count surviving an objective, to this game, but as you play it you will notice how addictive it is and how creative you have to get to make the things you want. If you have seen video’s on the game you will notice how big the world is, but that’s not the whole world. All worlds in Minecraft are infinite and are randomly generated when you first make the world. Now there is multiplayer in the game, but the multiplayer is laggy and can be hard to play on at times. This lowers how great the game by only a little ( like a speck of dust little). There is some math involved in the game, I know I hate math also. This math comes in the form of redstone circuits. Redstone ore can be found very deep down in the map and drops 4-5 redstone dust. This redstone dust works on boolean. This is not the type of math most people are used to using. Boolean works like a yes or no question. If the answer is yes the dust is glowing (on), if the opposite is true then the dust is dark (off). I’ll go into this a little better in a later post. The final thing I’ll go into for gameplay is the creativity part of the game. At this point creativity is what keeps most people in. If you’re creative you will be able to go insane and create almost anything. The opposite exists also, if you have no creativity you will probably stop playing after a few weeks of addiction. This can be countered with some mods that add new game types.


Visually Minecraft looks like an 8-bit with 3D graphics. This doesn’t totally kill the feeling of the game, but brings back the memories of the days when there only was 8-bit games. This style of graphics are nice, but after that the more important feature is the UI. The UI is simple, but effective for a game like this. The inventory screen has a simple hotbar area, a big storage area, an equipment section, and a small crafting box. When you are not in your inventory section you will see your hotbar, health, and armor if you have any equipped. The creatures in this game include pigs, cows, chicken, sheep, squid, and zombie pig-man*. Those are the passive monsters, the more aggressive monsters are the zombie (I mean who doesn’t love zombies?), skeletons, zombie pig-man*, ghasts, spiders, and spider jockeys (a spider/skeleton mix). This all makes up part of the visuals in the game. There are more things to see and with infinite worlds that never have a twin world, Minecraft will have a lot to offer when it comes to amazing visuals that are generated for the world specifically. One of the more memorable parts to Minecraft is the music. The music is composed by c418 and has a nice, mellow feeling when you hear it. The music will not always be there, it will just start at any random time. The other sounds are usually annoying. Especially those stupid cows! That really does annoy me, but at least you can take that down, but keep the music.

*Only aggressive if attacked and they attack in huge groups


Minecraft is a game that does require lots of creativity, but pulls you in with the most fun and addiction you will ever see in a game like this. I would highly recommend this game to anyone. It will pull you in and when you leave it you will usually come back to play it in the end. In the end this game is an amazing piece of work for one person by themselves. I can’t deny I love this game and I hope you guys do to.


9.9/10 Amazing


Presentation – 10

Not much here, but what is here is quite good


Graphics – 10

Nice 8-bit style gaming graphics that show how great these visuals are. Plus it’s in 3D!


Gameplay – 10

Easy to learn. Fun to play. Not much else here.


Sound – 10

Great music. Try searching up calm 1, calm 3, and piano 1 by C418.


Lasting Appeal – 9.5

Can go on forever with how much stuff there is to build. Less creative people will have a hard time staying with the game.


To buy or test out (testing is limited to classic mode, not beta 1.3_01) – minecraft.net

The forum – minecraftforum.net

A helpful guide – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bh4EexJO4I

This is x’s adventures in minecraft. I think there are about 198 videos to watch, so you better get started (no videos from him are in the beta version, only alpha)


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