Liltle Pook: Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes

Hey people that look at me and my friends blog,

This week I am reviewing the game above, its a RPG strategy that is poking fun at many things about RPGs. For example, the maidens can only wear cloth and skimpy cloth! One line in the game is “Curse these modern spells, like depression.”

The story follows Drake, after failing fighter school he wants to just kill himself and die. He is about to jump into a mushroom when Semi-Divine comes. He says he needs help to fight off the dark church that is coming to destroy the land all that stuff. You rally with two other depressed soldiers to defeat the attacking mushrooms. After that you hear a maiden at the top of a hill you run after it like noobs and kill all the enemies, rescue the maiden, then more mushrooms come. You defeat them and continue onto Wish Station (cheesy YES!). You continue on do stuff RPG like. Thats the first mission find out the rest on the Wiki or somewhere.


It is turn-based and a lot like Fire Emblem, but more hardcore. You can attack and you use some special attacks, cool stuff. Its interesting how classes work, there is three and you can’t change them, Maidens, they can use only bows, and can only wear skimpy cloth (never a bad thing), Wimps like drake, who wear leather, and semi-divines, like Semi-Divine who wears plate. Drake and Semi-Divine use swords to fight and kill peeps. There are stats, like HP and Mana but they also added something called Obsession. It increases over time, and when its full you use it, the power is a special ability, Semi-Divine tells a story and enemys and sometimes allys fall asleep in that distances. Drake, gives a speech that ups ally’s stats for a while. However, afterwards you get a low because as Semi-Divine says, “After every awesome high there is a bad low.” The gameplay works well and is very fun to use.


Its $9.99 so its a good price for being an indie game but its friggin awesomely funny and fun! I’d say its worth it if your not looking for anything else that you want, buy it and have a good time.


Its a really fun game that pokes a lot of fun at conventional RPG games but it is still a well built game that RPG lovers will go crazy for.

Score: 8/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Price: 7/10


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