Cave Story+

Cave Story is a 2D platforming-shooter. It was released in 2004 on freeware, but it has been recently updated and released on steam. I saw it there and was like woah cool! The reason the title is Cave Story+ is because I got the upgraded version from the Humble Bundle #4 (I had to pay the average price though). It is a fun little retro indie game that has many good features about it.


The game is like an Super Nintendo game almost, you use the arrow keys to jump and z (or the key you set it as) to jump and x to shoot. You have multiple weapons to use, you have to set buttons to change them quickly to prepare for any battle. There is a total of 10 guns to choose from, you start out with a Polar Star, a pistol that you can shoot pretty rapidly. You have an HP bar that can be upgraded by health capsules you find throughout the game. With your weapons  they upgrade by gaining experience. You gain experience by killing enemies and collecting the golden triangles that fall. You lose the experience though when you get hit so you have to be careful. The max level is 3 and the gun is upgraded and sometimes changes to using a new ability.


The game features a fun little story about you being inside of an island. You find out that you are a soldier robot from the surface but you have no memory of anything, not even you name. You travel around and fall into a town of Mimigas, little rabbit people. You  land on King, the village leader, who is fighting with Toroko about how she needs to give him the key to Arthur’s (the dead Mimigas’ hero) house in order to get Sue.  Toroko who is Sue’s friend refuses to give the key to King the key. The Doctor; who is the main antagonist, wants Sue and has been taking the Mimigas of the village. Toroko hides herself in the shack on the west side of town. You walk in and you are hit on the back of the head. You calm Toroko down and Balrog, a little square dude breaks into the shack and Misery, a witch, takes Toroko thinking she is Sue. You preceded through the game in an attempt to save her and are tied up in an adventure to find you memories and get off the island. There are 3 endings so there is always some replayability too, and some weapons and items are only available by decisions made earlier in the game.


It has a very nice retro feel along with upgraded graphics and some new music. You can always change back to the original graphics and music, although its a little pixely like the original. There is a lot of cool things they add in to make you feel more happy and upbeat during the game. It has a warm tone that gets serious at points and really fits the games well.


It is just an overall amazing retro-ish Indie game that you can get sucked into so easily and spend hours at a time playing. For ten dollars its a little high on steam when you can just get it for free. If you want to have upgraded graphics you can pay but you really don’t need to. But if your lazy and have extra cash go right ahead and have lots of FUN!

Gameplay: 8/10

Story: 8.5/10

Appearance: 8/10

Overall: 8/10



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