Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God is a free game that is on Steam, its made by Wild Shadow Studios. It’s an action RPG that has many different classes you can unlock and use by leveling, or getting a higher honor score.


The game use 6 items, you use the WASD keys to move and click everywhere else. Your character also has a special power like healing for priest or a giant fireball for a mage. You can upgrade your character by finding items on the ground after killing an enemy or boss. There is an arrow on the screen that tells you where a quest is. If you go that way you can find the mini boss and kill him/her to gain experience much like all enemies, however you get extra experience by completing them. You can play with your friends on different servers, and quest with them to. It automatically gives you a party if they are in your area, sharing experience points. if the are attacking too. The gameplay is a little basic which makes a fun casual RPG. Realm of the Mad God has a pointless story, and it is repetitive, you can change class but overall the game is still the same. The spawn area is too small and crowded by idle players and merchants.


It has a nostalgic tone that creates a fun environment to mess around and find new enemies. It’s pixel-ly which adds to the fun retro style that anyone will see fit, however the art is lack luster because there is too much repetition. The view cannot be changed leaving the player with a limited prospective the user interface is too large and takes up too much of the screen, it could be more minimal.


There could be a lot more done to and added to make the game improved. It lacked key gameplay and visual element that cut down on the game. It was good for how much cost, its free.

Gameplay – 8/10

Appearance – 7/10

Overall 7.5/10


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