Hello, we are Infinity Squared. We are a group of people who love video games and decided to write a blog about our opinions on all sorts of games. The reason I started up this blog is because of this years PAX. This year was my first year going and it was the best 3 days of my life, everthing that has happened since PAX sucks. While I was there I witnissed a few people with media passes. When I got the chance I asked these people what company they were from. Two of the three people that I asked said they wrote a blog and, when they got big enough, they were allowed media passes. That idea of writing a blog had never occured to me as something to play a role in getting into PAX. So when I got home, AFTER the three best days of my life, I called a few friends and pitched the idea to them. They all agreed and here we are now, writing on our new blog.


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